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Office Culture

How would we describe ThinkGeek's World Domination HQ located in Fairfax, Virginia, outside of Washington, D.C.? Imagine corporate casual without the corporate. We do our best to infuse the office with a little humor and a lot of geek culture. So, for instance, our biggest conference room is called The Boredroom of Doom, and the area where we all gather as a company is known as The Thunderdome. While the bottom line is important to our continued existence, you're just as likely to be called into a meeting about a new Star Wars product as one about revenue. And while those are really both about revenue, only one of them feels like it.

This seems like a good place to mention that we're a wholly-owned subsidiary of GameStop. We are a growing and critical piece of their global strategy.

Store Culture

ThinkGeek stores are the place where kids of all ages come to play and hang with fellow geeks. It’s easy to spend hours in a ThinkGeek store, where customers and employees alike get to let their inner geeks shine. As an associate in a ThinkGeek store, you’ll have fun helping customers who love this stuff almost as much as you do. You’ll create experiences that customers will celebrate and share, and you’ll do it in one of the coolest retailers in the world. You get to geek out while doing work that’s fun, rewarding and valued.

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Real work with a beachball

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Late to the meeting

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Employee of The Month

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Is it Friday?

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ThinkGeek Store

You Are ThinkGeek

Who are we?

ThinkGeek is a retail organization which was founded in 1999 out of the need for geeks to express themselves as part of a larger community.

Who are you?

You're a geek. You geek out. You're curious, connected, and enthusiastic. Maybe you're new here. Maybe you've seen one of our stores in a mall. Or maybe you know and trust ThinkGeek because we were the first to alert you to the health benefits of unicorn meat. However you found us, welcome.

We strive to create and source products which create a destination where geeks can celebrate being themselves.

Space Monkey

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